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  • Wesel, Germany

Kläranlage Wesel

(Wastewater treatment plant)


Project description:

- Cable tray and cable installation 

- Erection of electrical panels

- Partly connection of cables

- Installation of switchgear cabinets

- Cabling optical fibre

- Assembly DC-system


Project duration: March 2021.

  • Ellgau, Germany

Rhein-Main-Donau AG - Kraftwerk Ellgau

(Rhein-Main-Donau AG  is a private infrastructure company based in Munich that provides power supply from hyrdropower and water)


Project description:

- Dismantling

- Demolition

- Reconnection

- Cable pulling works


Project duration: March 2021. - April 2021.


  • Günzburg, Germany

Obere-Donau-Kraftwerke AG - Kraftwerk Günzburg

(Company founded in 1958., subsidiary of the Rhein-Main-Donau GmbH, based in Landshut, owns six hydroelectric power plants on the upper Danube between Ulm and Dillingen)


Project description:

- Construction of cable trays 

- Installation of switchgear cabinets

- Cabling 

- Connection works and remaining tasks


Project duration: April 2021. - May 2021.