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Fonti di Vinadio S.P.A.

Italian bottler and distributor of Acqua Sant' Anna mineral water (one of the leading national brands in the sector) 


Project description:

• Electrical installation KRONES LINE

- installation, commissioning, maintenance and overhaul of machinery and installations for the bottling industry


Project duration: February 2021. - March 2021.

Chemical Tanker

DWT:  50.000

Loa (m):  182,90

B (m):  32,20

H (m):  17,50


Project description:


• construction of cable trays, installing lighting, alarms, fire alarms and other small hardware according to the defined designs


• installing the electrometal equipment on the walls and ceiling, inserting cables, connecting electrical devices, alarm points, lighting, SUL equipment and fire alarm in the engine room, steering machine, hatch and chimney according to drawings


• marking all cores and cables with the appropriate markings


• testing the functionality of the lighting and performing proper grounding on all electrical devices


• installing the nameplates


Project duration: November 2020. - March 2022.