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(Meyer Werft is one of the major German shipyards, headquartered in Papenburg at the river Ems. Founded in 1795. and starting with small wooden vessels, today Meyer Werft is a builder of luxury passenger ships.)


Project description:

- electrical installation works on Construction 717 - Cruise ship CARNIVAL JUBILEE


Project duration:  March 2023.



(Mey Eden is a leading mineral water company in Israel. It is also known as "Mayanot Eden" and it is actualy the brand name of the company Eden Springs Ltd., which is an Israeli bottled mineral water marketing company.)


Project description:

- electrical installation services


Project duration:  February 2023. - March 2023.


Neuselters Mineralquellen GmbH

(Mineral water and soft drinks manufacturer)


Project description:

- assembly of cabel channel, installation, cabling and fixing works, hall lighting


Project duration: Fabruary 2023.



SAS Source Chantereine - ALMA

(Mineral water manufacturer)


Project description:

- electrical installation services


Project duration:  February 2023.


Brohler Mineral-und Heilbrunnen GmbH

(Brohler Mineral- und Heilbrunnen GmbH Brohl-Lützing is a family-run mineral water company based in Brohl Lützing. Founded in 1909., the company is one of the leading mineral water fountains in Germany with around 100 million fillings a year.)


Project description:

- electrical installation of cabel trays and connecting cabels of pallet conveyors


Project duration: January 2023. - Feruary 2023.



Schunk Ingenieurkeramik GmbH

(Schunk Ingenieurkeramik - Willich, is part of the Schunk Group, an international technology group with a wide range of services in materials technology and systems engineering. Schunk Ingenieurkeramik provides an almost complete product range of wear-resistant linings for pipelines, hydrocyclones, conveying, loading and dosing systems.)


Project description:

- electrical installation


Project duration: January 2022.



New construction - 527

Self-unloading ship for the transport of bulk cargo - very specific because it was designed for the needs of the original customer - Canadian Algoma and navigation on the North American Great Lakes


Project description:

- according to the defined blueprints and list of materials - laying and bracing all the cables, mounting all the devices, inserting and

connecting the cables to the electrical appliances, cargo space fans, lighting, lighting distributors and fire alarm.

- mark all wires and cables with appropriate markings.

- take all devices.

- test the functionality of the lighting

- mount nameplates and hand over the necessary programs to the shipowner and the registry

- planned tasks include daily cleaning of the space from excess built-in material and maintaining the orderliness of the space itself

Duration of the works: October 2022. - February 2023.




Luxurious passenger ship for cruising the polar regions

Long (m): 186,0

Wide (m): 21,5

- capacity to accommodate 237 passengers and a 200 member crew


Project description:

- according to the defined blueprints and schemes carrying out preparatory actions (lifting bobbins, stretching them using own

  tools), laying and bracing cables (clips and plastic ties) and closing the passages with modules

- dismantling of cable tracks and their return after laying

- handing over the completion of the works to the client's representative

- the works included 18,937m of cables

- planned tasks also included daily cleaning of the space from excess built-in materials and managing the tidiness of the space itself


Project duration: September 2021. - Present



Viktor Lenac shipyard is situated on the northern Croatian Adriatic coast and from 2018. is part of the Italian shipyard group - Palumbo group S.P.A.


Project description:

• Electrical installation services on vessels:



- electrical installation services

Duration of works:  December 2022. - January 2023.



- installation of the BWTS system according to the supplied documentation

- locksmith works on production and assembly: foundations of electrical equipment, cable passages and cable trays

- installation of electrical equipment, installation of switchgears

- assembly and connection of cables, making the final megger test

- submission of electrical works to the OKC department and the shipowner's representative

- assistance to the service technician in the course of testing and putting the system into operation
- installation of switches and connection in the main panel
- replacement of the transmitter in tank no. 6, left and right (80m cable)
- production of locksmith for 7 pcs. valves
- installation of relays in ballast pump cabinet
- connection of limit switches - 7 pcs
- production of WS stand panels
Duration of works:  January 2023. - February 2023.


- wiring of the boiler cabinet

Duration of works: February 2023. - March 2023.




(Obere-Donau-Kraftwerke AG is power plant - part of the LEW Wasserkraft GmbH that is a subsidiary 
of Augsburger Lechwerke AG)


Project description:

- Cable trays and cable installation

- Erection of electriacal panels

- Control panel wiring

- Connection of cables


Project duration:  February 2022. - March 2022.



HEINEKEN Entreprise  - Marseille

(Heineken N.V. is a Dutch multinational brewing company, founded in 1864. by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in Amsterdam. As of 2019, Heineken owns over 165 breweries in more than 70 countries. It produces 348 international, regional, local and speciality beers and ciders.

The HEINEKEN ENTREPRISE establishment has specialized in the production and packaging of beers in France with distribution to breweries.)


Project description:

- electrical installation services


Project duration:  December 2022. - January 2022.   /   February 2022.




Holcim Croatia (Portland cement factory in Koromačno) is part of the Holcim Group, which was formed in July 2015. by the merger of two leading companies in the field of construction materials: Lafarge and Holcim. 


Project description:

• Reconstruction of TS5 and raw material tunnel

- installation of PNT pipe and cabinet of buttons for emergency shutdown + laying cables

- laying cables 6/10kV 3x1x95mm along the existing shelves in the energy tunnel in a length of approximately 120 m


Project duration: December 2022. - Februray 2023.